Posted by: Peter Quirk | April 6, 2008

My viewpoint (initially)

My goal in establishing this blog is to develop my ideas about the application of virtual worlds in the enterprise by engaging you, my readers, in the discussion. I’ve been writing for about a year inside my company’s firewall about the Second Life® world, Croquet, Project Wonderland and Qwaq Forums. To a large degree I have been focused on moves by major enterprises to either use virtual worlds for collaboration, training, and customer outreach, or by their efforts to try to influence the direction of virtual worlds.

As virtual worlds pop up everywhere and the necessary standards movements start to form, I think my conversations need to move outside to engage a larger audience. Collectively, we can cover more worlds and more tools. Those of you with backgrounds in teaching, law, architecture, politics, visual arts and media can definitely help me broaden my perspective which is based on technology, business and management experience.

All that said, I’ll still write about cool stuff and the intersections of virtual worlds with social networking (big at EMC), augmented reality, and 3D technologies such as cameras and fabbers. Please feel free to join in!

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