Posted by: Peter Quirk | April 29, 2008

More on VRworkplace

Dave Elchoness pointed out in the comments on my last post that I had not fairly reviewed his VRworkplace and he’s right that I didn’t include references to the coffee shop, the beach and various outdoor areas for meeting or relaxing. Here are some pictures to correct any misimpressions.

The coffee shop at VRworkplace
The coffee shop at VRworkplace

There are a few different areas to mingle or relax outside. The picture below shows a patio outside one of the the office towers, and way off in the distance, my avatar is relaxing on an inflatable mattress in the shallows at the beach.

Places to mingle or relax
Places to mingle or relax



  1. Thanks for stopping by again to see what VRWorkplace has to offer.

    I would say, however, that in my experience different people are attracted to different workspaces. Some people love the idea of a traditional looking space, which is why I have models of those. On the other hand, I prefer being underwater and watching the fish swim by. I also, for whatever reason, like standing on the highest point of my sim’s Ferris wheel.

    Anyway, I do agree that the Melbourne representation looks wonderful. I actually think that more important than particular types of scenes and mood, today, is ease of use. There are countless spaces in Second Life that I’ve visited with corners to tight to get around, areas to small to ‘see’ in properly (without being in ‘mouselook’ etc.)

    My sim is designed to be open and easy to navigate so that I can walk newccomers around relatively easily. Same reason why I have mini tutorials at the landing spot.

    I am a fan of your blog. Keep up the good work. We are all striving to bring the virtual workspace into the mainstream for many important reasons.

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