Posted by: Peter Quirk | May 3, 2008

GreenPhosphor wins 2nd place in Sun’s Wonderland JavaOne Showcase competition

A little while ago I wrote about an innovative data visualization tool called GreenPhosphor from a company called Glasshouse. GreenPhosphor was the second place winner in Sun’s recent Wonderland JavaOne Showcase Competition. The GreenPhosphor solution now joins a very small set of integrative technologies which target multiple virtual worlds. It will be on display at the Java One Conference in San Francisco May 6-9.

I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for the JavaOne conference to be fully accessible in a virtual world? The confluence of a poor US economy and the resulting restrictions on corporate travel, escalating fuel costs, unsatisfactory air travel experiences, and the recognition that we have to reduce the carbon footprint of these wasteful conferences will no doubt cause many more firms to follow the lead of CMP and Dr. Dobbs Journal in running the Life 2.0 Summit completely in a virtual world.

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