Posted by: Peter Quirk | May 24, 2008

Conference videos from Case Western Reserve University now available

A few videos from the conference on Collaboration and Engaging the Campus that I attended in Second Life at Case Western Reserve University are now online in Lev Gonick’s blog. Two that I found particular stimulating are:

  • Anthony Williams, co-author of Wikinomics, talking about Mass Collaboration and the Future of Education
  • Panel discussion with Mark Turner from Case Western Reserve University’s Cognitive Science Department, Cory Ondrejka co-founder of SecondLife and now from USC, and Edward Lee Lamoureux, Bradley University

The Anthony Williams talk expands on ideas I heard Don Tapscott present at EMC’s Innovation Conference last year. There are dozens of ideas in this talk, all worthy of their own blogs or books. Of particular note is a section on the the differences in brain structure of Gen Y and Millenials compared to their predecessors. Not addressed is how we redesign work to capitalize on these changes.

The panel discussion, which focuses on virtual worlds and identity, is so much richer than I had anticipated. The viewpoints from cognitive science, philosophy, literature and history contributed by Mark and Edward helped me to understand at a much deeper level some of the fascination we feel about immersive environments.


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