Posted by: Peter Quirk | June 10, 2008

Recruiting in Second Life from a candidate’s point of view

Eugene GorelikMy colleague Polly Pearson published an interview with Eugene Gorelik who was hired in one of the recruiting fairs I wrote about (here, here and here).  As you can read from Eugene’s comments, the simple act of reaching out to candidates through this unconventional channel helps the employer to stand out in a competitive job market. Perhaps that’s why the US Marine Corps is experimenting with interviews in Second Life too.

The USMC simulation doesn’t come close to the EMC recruiting experience. Our building was buzzing with candidates, recruiters, greeters, regular employees dropping in to check out the scene, as well as random press reporters. We also had a video with a driving rock beat playing for those who were waiting for an interview. People were striking up conversations with candidates, helping them to familiarize themselves with Second Life procedures and answering questions about EMC. In my opinion, it’s the totality of the experience that helped to differentiate us.

Have you interviewed for a job in Second Life? Share your experiences here!

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