Posted by: Peter Quirk | June 27, 2008

RealXtend 0.3 released

I have spent my spare time since the last post testing daily builds of realXtend prior to this morning’s release of version 0.3. The new release is downloading as I write this, so my next post will include the first of several reports on the new features. The content for this release is very dynamic. This morning’s announcement and thank you to the development team by Jani Pirkola suggests that there are some previously unplanned features, while some other planned features didn’t quite make it. There seems to be no documentation released yet, so it may take a while to discover all the new functionality.

One other activity I have focused on in the past week is an effective object importing pipeline. When I have the new release set up I’ll document a relatively straightforward procedure using the Google 3D warehouse, Sketchup and a plugin to produce ogre meshes.

All of my actvity for the next couple of weeks will be focused on building some proofs of concept to support one or more submissions to EMC’s upcoming Innovation Conference. I’m encouraging some other people to join with me in demonstrating applications of realXtend for collaborative business meetings, a support desk, the remote office and situational training. While the deadline for submissions is july 11, we will have more time to develop the ideas if we are selected as finalists.

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