Posted by: Peter Quirk | July 9, 2008

RealXtend stability improving and a new clue

Having eliminated the application that was causing problems by interacting with with the Cisco Security Agent, I am now enjoying substantially improved stability. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours working on my submission for our innovation conference and was so pleased with the stability that I decided to switch from the local server on my laptop to the remote one that was giving me problems a week ago.

I reinstalled the server with the default database and copied my region settings, terrain files and other configuration changes over to the new system. In less that 10 minutes I had uploaded my 3D models and textures, customized my avatar and rebuilt a couple of scenes. While working in the viewer I was also working in Google Sketchup, xmk2mesh and rexmeshtool to bring additional models into the world.

I logged out at some stage to do something else and later when I tried to login just before going home, the viewer reported problems receiving the region handshake from the server. Was the problem with the viewer, the server, the laptop OS, or the specific account?

I tried logging with a different account – same problem. Naturally I checked that all the services were were running on the server system and that there were no odd error messages. To test the idea that it might be another resource starvation problem, I shut the laptop down instead of putting it in standby and went home. After rebooting at home and establishing a VPN connection to work, I tried to login again. Same problem. So it might be the server processes. I closed the realXtend processes and restarted them – same problem. Just in caseit was a server OS problem, I rebooted the VM they were running on, restarted the processes and still couldn’t login.

The last step was to clear the viewer cache. I did this in the preferences menu in the login screen. After restarting the viewer, everything worked!

Today I’ll explore whether xml2mesh or the rexmeshtool is implicated in the corruption of the viewer cache, or whether the viewer itself is responsible. It’s nice to know how to work around the problem and to know that I don’t have to restart or reinstall the server!

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