Posted by: Peter Quirk | September 22, 2008

realXtend 0.31 should be available tomorrow

Barring last minute show-stoppers, realXtend 0.31 will be available tomorrow afternoon (Finnish time). In keeping with the promise to produce a stable platform, a significant number of bug fixes are associated with stability.

Among the new features in the viewer that we can expect to see in the code (and hopefully in the documentation) are:

  • friends can send teleport requests to each other
  • ability to name people who can build on land without requiring ownership privilege
  • custom animations can be played by name
  • all new objects have a sample script which you can edit. Previously you had to drag a script from inventory before you could edit the script.
  • standing up now moves your avatar to a position in front of an object that it was sitting on, rather than placing the avatar in top of the object
  • a new camera feature enables you to create a camera which renders to a texture (imagine a security camera displaying on a TV screen in a virtual control room), or renders to a viewport in the viewer. The latter feature enables multiple views of the same object as in Blender. This could make building a little easier.

More news tomorrow when I download it and explore the features!

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