Posted by: Peter Quirk | September 28, 2008

Preserving the illusion of the avatar

The immersive experience of a virtual world requires that you suspend belief and become one with your avatar. That identification with the avatar can be broken easily if you get too close your avatar in flycam mode and discover that the avatar is hollow and invisible from the inside. A quick way to ameliorate the problem is to adjust the “camera nearclip” value in the app_settings\ogre_scene.xml file in the realXtend viewer. By default the nearclip value is 0.2. I found that the following setting gave me much more satisfactory results as I flew around my avatar with my Logitech SpaceNavigator doing close-up photography.

<camera farclip=”1000″ nearclip=”0.05″ fov=”60″ />

Thanks to the realXtend team for the suggestion. I’d still like to see solid avatars using collision meshes that prevent the camera from entering the avatar’s mesh.


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