Posted by: Peter Quirk | December 2, 2008

realXtend 0.4 released, further outpacing Second Life(tm) visual effects

RealXtend 0.4 was released today with a sample world that really begins to show the superiority of the Ogre-based graphics over the traditional prims and sculpties of Second Life.

Opening scene in Beneath the Waves

Opening scene in Beneath the Waves

Major features of this release include a full implementation of Ogre materials and material scripts, including lighting effects and a material editor. Ogre materials can be used on meshes, primitives and particles. Flash animations are supported, and used frequently in the quest embedded in the sample world. (If at first you’re puzzled about how to proceed, approach one of the fish sculptures and click on it. From there you should be able to work everything else out. There are more clues in the video below.) Mozilla plugins are discoverable by the embedded browser, so lots of new functionality should be possible. Another foundation feature that enables a more realistic world is mesh animations. From fish to flexible trees to caterpillars, these animated meshes will add a huge amount of realism (and fantasy) to realXtend worlds.

Once you can present a realistic animal or a rustling tree, it needs to make sounds that emanate from it, so there’s now support for location-based sound loops. And to move that animal over the landscape or under the waves, there’s a new rexbot feature that allows you to control the locomotion of these non-player characters.

There’s so much more to describe, but it will take quite a few postings to cover any of these features in adequate detail. I’ll focus the next few posts on those features can enhance enterprise applications. For now I’ll leave you with the short video and encourage you install it and try it out.


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